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Fascinating stories!

I love these wonderful stories of history. Everything Shane does is perfection, and this is no exception. Thank you for your detailed research & for sharing the history behind these locations.

PERFECT podcast

Every little thing is just perfect. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough


This is a fun and informative podcast. Being a midwesterner and traveling to some of these places it is great to know obscure history. So much information you are never taught in school, but make people and places so much more interesting. Thanks Shane.


I love this podcast. Thank you very much.

Former Michiganander

I love this podcast. Shane really captures my childhood, going on vacations to my grandmothers home in Isabella, in the U.P. Accurate! We camped on Isle Royale, too. Well done!


Listened to my first episode today and I will be back for more! Very informative


This podcast I heard about from Instagram. I was hooked from the first episode.


Absolutely love this podcast ! Really appreciate what you do!!


You have an incredible talk-show voice! I can't stop listening to you :)


I love this podcast! Very informative!


This is one of my favorite podcasts. I learn a ton every episode


Fantastic podcast. Very informative and interesting.


I absolutely love this podcast!!


One of my top three; thorough and engaging.


So informative!


Amazing podcast! First-time listener and now, I'm hooked.


Best science based podcast I have listened to. Really love the episode

Great podcast!

Great podcast!


Thank you so much for all the info you share


Found you through Generation Why. A calming voice making history interesting! (A fellow Hoosier)


A must listen.

History is the best!

I love history!


New listener. The Chicago Fire story took me there. So well done.Great show! Very entertaining and interesting!

Great Podcast!

Just found this podcast and I love it. The host’s voice and style is easy to listen to and holds my attention. Great story telling!

Educational and engaging

I have not listened to podcasts long, but Hometown History is a well produced, spoken, and overall great podcast. Thank you for a great podcast!

Very well done

This podcast is amazing. I listen to it as much as I can. Still a great podcast though. Loved the Madam C.J. Walker stories. Keep up the good work.

Needs More Voices

Still great!


It’s free! The new Apple update is confusing, but this podcast is still free. “Subscription” only applies to early and exclusive episodes. I’ve been listening every week as normal; Great!!

Great podcast

I love this show and have learned so much because of it. It’s a fun way to listen to our history as a country!

A high quality of podcasting

Beautifully narrated, excellent production quality, and factual accuracy make this one of my favorite podcasts. I consider myself an avid student of history.