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Nothing to add that hasn’t already been said. Simply fantastic.

Now history lover!

As a sociologist (not professional), I LOVE this podcast. If only I had had a history teacher or professor like this!


Good for a short story

The best I listen to

High quality and in depth. I can’t wait for more great content.

Interesting and great voice!

Excellent coverage of an underserved area of history. The man also has a great podcasting voice - it’s elegant and seductive. Really riles me up. 5/5


Great podcast!

Really well done

Excellent podcast. I learned so much. Great from start to finish.

Great work

I just listened to the first episode today.Thank you for all of your great work and putting as much time into this as you did; and I wish you good luck with the series going forward. I’m curious to hear what happens next!

Seriously great storytelling

A history podcast done so well!Historical, factual Historical, factual and objective. I love listening to this podcast. The music is well appointed to subject manner.


I really appreciate the variety of perspectives!

Great Work!

Truly excellent production quality, research, and storytelling. Thank you for creating this. All the best!


Love your podcast!


My compliments again. As always with Hometown History, excellent research followed by excellent storytelling. We got the real story behind the legend. Thanks.

One of the best storytelling podcasts out there

If you love history and great storytelling this pods for you

Always Spot on

Easy to understand, informative and well done. Thank you.

Very informative

Always entertaining and informative.Fascinating information presented in an entertaining manner

Well told

This part of our past is very detailed and told well.Love this show!

Excellent, hilarious, and informative!

Excellent, hilarious, and informative!

Great show!!

As a mechanical engineer with multiple patents, I love this show and would recommend it over and over.

Love it!!!

Best history podcast ever not much foul language great narration and host.

Excellent. Educational and entertaining

Not only am I learning a lot about history, I am continually motivated by hearing about how following a dream was not ever easy.

History through new eyes

This is a must-listen #1 podcast on my list. The stories are told so passionately and in a real world context from some very unique perspectives. I recommend this to anyone who has even just a mild interest of history.

Great listen

Well researched and creative.

Best Podcast!!

I love this podcast! I listen to it every day. Make more Episodes!

History Teacher

This is an amazing Podcast. Well done

Good stuff

Great history podcast


I love it.

Great podcast

Everything they do is excellent. Interesting stories, in-depth research, great voices telling the stories.

Engaging narrative

I can usually tell if a podcast will be worth my time and interest. Not at all disappointed. Excellent!