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Best history class ever!!

You will be entertained and educated in a easy captivating way! Thanks!!


This is more in-depth of things we might have heard about before. The “don’t hold anything back” truth. A fantastic show! Love it!

Surprisingly great

First, I do like history, but I have to confess that my areas of historical interest are pretty narrow. I started listening to episodes that were in my range of interest, and then branched our. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and found these episodes to be interesting. I subscribe now and listen to them all. Great history podcast!

Fascinating stories!

So glad I found this podcast. I’ve already spent wonderful hours driving into history!

Enjoyable history

A must-listen for history nerds

Great content

Really enjoy the conversations and information on this pod. Well researched and well produced!

Excellent history podcast!!

The is a great listen all the way through 10/10.

Stellar podcast!

I look so forward to this podcast every week! Thank you all for a great listen, you never disappoint.

Love to listen

It’s nice to hear history I was unaware of and I was a history major in my day. Thank you.

Super interesting!

Very impressed with this podcast. I look forward to this more than any other podcast

Makes me proud!

I absolutely love this podcast! The narration is great and it leaves me feeling so proud to be an American! Our history is so fascinating and his podcast really highlights that!

I love this podcast

I love history so I’m glad I found this podcast.

More interesting than my high school!!

This show provides much needed context for understanding history. Very engaging show. But too short.

Good Storytellers

Love the subjects and the delivery no fluff. Looking forward to more intriguing stories!

I love this show!!

This show is sooooo good! I want to know if there is a 9 11 episode or not because I am really interested in it.

Listen to this.

Everything from Hometown is amazing so far. Looking forward to this very much! Thanks.


Very interesting topic.I was really excited after listening to the first episode

Great investigative work!

Amazingly well-written podcast. Appreciate the extensive research and how well-presented each story is. Host has the perfect delivery, professional and interesting. Keep it up. Thank you!

This pod was great



Addictive. Someone said this and it is absolutely true. Addictive.


For making me a history junkie!!!So great!

Too good


The Best

If you’re any type of history buff, you’ll definitely get into the show! Great show!

Love the podcast

I found this podcast a few days ago and have really enjoyed the topics. The episodes seem well researched and presented. Highly recommended.


Been listening from the 1st episode. Your research is top notch. Very entertaining and the hosts have great presents. Keep up the outstanding job.

I Like

I like it, it's enjoyble and easy listening.

amazing podcast

one of my favorite podcasts! a friend of mine recommended it to me, and i was very skeptical at first, but after two episodes i was absolutely in love!

Great podcast!!

I love this podcast it’s the perfect mix of scary and exciting. There are some episodes that make me think and some that make me slightly more tense. Great podcast and have recommended it to all my friends

Best podcast out there

I absolutely love this podcast.The most immersive and expansive history podcast out there.

History for the ears

So pleasing to listen too! The writing is hands down amazing