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So good!

On my rotation, among my favs!


Love to hear the history each week!

History Junkie

History presented in a very entertaining package!

Brilliant storytelling

Hometown History provides history that I’ve never heard about in a very engaging story telling podcast. Long time listener now! Can’t wait to see each new episode drop

Wonderful podcast!

I’ve enjoyed every episode. Keep them coming!

Accurate and engaging

I listen to this podcast for the most accurate information. The breadth of subjects makes it a very valuable resource

Wry interesting podcast

Very entertaining and interesting. Learn strange facts. This and blue collar hour are my favorites.

It is a FIVE!

Beautifully done podcast.


Love this podcast. I certainly hope ther are more to come.

Wonderful podcast!

Informative, but presented in an interesting manner. A must listen!


Thank you! ❤️

Just wonderful to listen too...

I am addicted! I just found this podcast! The topics span a wide variety . They are thorough and fresh! They go right into the story with not a lot of nonsense and fluff... It not necessarily. This is straight up a short comprehensively informative history lesson! I am Hooked!!

Love this podcast!

Interesting topics, interesting hosts and interesting facts! The trifecta of perfect podcasting!

Worth listening!

Big fan of the show


I have enjoyed listening to the small town histories of places. Being from a historical small town myself, I feel the importance of continuing to share these stories.

Amazing History Podcast!

I am continually amazed by the history I learn from these episodes. They are very well written and keep me focused on the content the entire time. Shane is a top notch narrator👏

Such a great history podcast!!!

This is an amazing history podcast! I have learned so much interesting history


I’m loving these little known facts of small town history. Well done. Great writing and awesome sound quality.

Well done!

Hometown history offers an insider's perspective to their hometown, which can be useful to residents and visitors alike. With a charming background track and quality microphones, free of disruptions, a local historian from Wabash County describes the controversy behind a novel lighting solution, which originated in the county courthouse for the sake of marketing. Moving through the history of the courthouse, however, the story takes winds and turns that enrich the history of the town, such as old advertisements for the Bradley Brother's seeping through paint and brick on the buildings. Thirty minutes may be a challenging length of time for an audio history, however, listeners seeking an unabridged and rich history within a podcast will likely not be turned off as a result. If attempting to reach a broader audience who may not be historically inclined, introducing segments within the narrative could be a useful strategy to help break through the seeming limitations of audio podcasts, though, I suspect that listeners like myself often enjoy audio over video.

Must listen to podcast!

This is such a great new podcast on history, I can’t wait to hear more about other towns.

Love it

I just listened to the pilot episode. This historian that you interviewed is soooo interesting. I love how animated he is. Very good show. I think it's great that you are pulling these historians out of a dusty room to breathe life into the stories of the past. Carol - Cold Case Notes